Rough sketch of Akira Kazama from Rival Schools. Really tried to go anime in the style for this one. I kind of want to get to a place where I can draw in several different styles and most people wouldn’t guess it was me. lol

I wanted to draw her just sort of taking a break after a fight/fixing the motorcycle. I love the character designs in Rival Schools but she’s my favorite because she was parading around as a dude in an all boys school in the first game and her gender is never revealed until the end… and she’s kind of cute under all the leather and spikes. This sketch is based on her design in the sequel Rival School Project Justice.



Aloha! I live!  Between work and a podcast, it got a little tough to bang out new sketches, but I was able to sneak this puppy in.  I really dig simple compositions that make use of the graphical qualities of colors.  For Morrigan, I thought it’d be nice to just play with the stark contrast between deep shades of red and her deathly pale flesh.  Hope you guys dig it!


Sup guys, Miko here. I did a really quick one for today. Zangief is probably one of the most interesting characters to play in the SF games. You could say, he’s like King from TEKKEN in a way. The reason I chose him for today is because I really loved him in the SF Alpha Anime. Even though he only appeared for a few moments.



Messy and sketchy… gonna be out most of the day so I decided to work and post this early. Sheva Alomar from Resident Evil. Probably THE most gorgeous video game female I’ve ever seen so far. There’s nothing to hate about this character. This piece hardly does her any justice. And I’m off.



Was having a bit of an off day so I decided to just paint something pretty… and focusing on just her face and.. assets.. lol Kasuga from Sengoku Basara. Boring pose… I really wanted to go more dynamic for this piece but it just wasn’t working today for some reason. Keeping with the more anime-ish features with this theme. This was done at the request of my husband. I got the important parts (for him) so I’m sure he’s happy with it. I hope I get my stride back tomorrow.

Demitri VS Bison

Say hello to my little friends… :p. This ones a bit of a cheat hehehe. I decided to make 2 characters in one piece for 2 days. Started with Demitri yesterday and finished with Bison today. All I can say is, this was fun to make. Done in SAI and Photoshop.

Rival Match

I’ve always loved Ibuki and Makoto in Street Fighter III. It was nice to see more female characters added to the roster. This basically emerged from Makoto and Ibuki’s “rival” sequence whenever the two meet in game before a match….through my warped, yuri-goggles… although, this seems more like an aftermath pic. lol  I wanted to go with a softer, warmer palette for this while maintaining a sketchy feel. Also went for more anime-ish features on their faces. This was strictly to appease my inner fan-girl. Moment over.