Cebu Comic Con 2011 Sketch Giveaway

UPDATE: Comments Closed as of August 27, 2011

Hey it’s that time of year again when all the nerds gear up and get ready to assemble in a blaze of geeky glory.  Cebu Comic Con 2011 is upon us, and we can’t wait to do our part to make it a fun event all around.

As part of the 2nd Cebu Comic Convention, Pencil Flex will be giving you guys a chance to bring home some original artwork by John Amor, Kathryn Layno, and Miko Punsalan.  Simply post a comment below; include the name of one character you want illustrated, and your name.

Each of the Pencil Flex artists will randomly choose three characters from the comments section, and the lucky people who posted those comments get to take the sketch home.  That’s nine people, for those of you keeping count.

You’ll be able to receive your artwork at the 2nd Cebu Comics Convention this coming October 1st, at the UP Cebu Campus.

UPDATE: Comments Closed as of August 27, 2011


Come At Me Bro

My hero :D. Too bad he died, wish he had more screen time. IMO, Maul was the most awesome part of Episode I. Doing a sketch of him today made me wanna watch the movie again. Done in SAI, hope you guys like it.

Demitri VS Bison

Say hello to my little friends… :p. This ones a bit of a cheat hehehe. I decided to make 2 characters in one piece for 2 days. Started with Demitri yesterday and finished with Bison today. All I can say is, this was fun to make. Done in SAI and Photoshop.