May 21, 2011

Long time no update.. everyone’s been very busy this week so this will be the closing entry for this theme. I decided to go pretty simple on this. No fancy textures and brushes. Wanted to poke a little fun at the whole “Rapture” thing today. Thanks to John and Miko for chatting it up and tossing ideas around for this. 🙂



Just a quick piece, and played around with it in PS. The three of us  got a bit busy at the end of the week so we didn’t really have much time to finish the theme. The plan was that all three of us did our versions of death for the last day. And so I just had to squeeze this piece even if its a bit late heheh.


Dug into some old Sandman trades for some inspiration for this piece.  Figured some good old inky Sienkiewicz fit the subject matter nicely.  Haven’t been able to post much from being so busy with work, but I’m picking up steam from seeing Kat and Miko simply killing it with their art!


Like the Delirium piece, originally done in ballpen on sketch pad, photographed and everything else is Sai and Photoshop. I wanted to go for a more antique, distressed look for this one but maintaining an ethereal glow effect as well. I thought about adding chains but I liked it better without them. Gotta love that weird bubblegum looking thing on the right. It was on the paper pattern. lol


Despair wasn’t exactly my first choice for today’s piece, it was Destruction. But I felt an inclination for drawing her instead. And considering she is mostly presented with dull colors, I wanted to do something different than continue the pattern. So I put her in the beach with sexy lighting, lol. I really enjoyed making this and I hope you guys like it.


This was originally done in ballpen on a small sketch pad I keep with me for when I wait for my orders when I eat out, sit at coffee shops, etc. I took a picture of it with a digital camera instead of scanning it. She is my favorite out of the Endless. The colors and textures were added in Photoshop and Sai Paint Tool.


Miko here, and to start off here’s desire. I picked Desire for today’s piece because I think he/she is the most difficult one for me to capture. I’m used to drawing attractive women but illustrating someone who is equally desirable as a guy or a girl just does not compute very well in my brain, lol. The initial sketch for this one actually looked like Natalie Portman. Anywho, I hope I captured some of that ambiguous look for this piece because I’m off to bed… I’m so tired zzzz.