I remember watching The Two Towers in the theater  a while back. As soon as Haldir and his elf archers came into the picture to lend aid to Rohan, I swear almost all the women in the room were screaming something more or less in the lines of; “OMG, more man meat!. I was like LULZ. What the hell? Wait, that wasn’t even in the book!

Humor aside, Haldir’s death in the film kind of annoyed me. I thought it was lame. In the book he was only mentioned when the fellowship was in Lothlorien forest. Maybe giving him a much bigger role in the film was a bad idea. But that’s just me.

I chose him as today’s subject because I thought he was a cool character. He was a warden of sorts in the forests of Galadriel’s domain.


Flame and Shadow

Left the desk really late Wednesday night, so technically this is Thursday’s sketch.  Didn’t have much juice left, so I thought I’d do a quick digital sketch to practice some of my Corel Painter chops.  Post-processing done in Photoshop.  Goodnight folks!

The White Hand

I find that characters like wizards and clerics really lend themselves better to portrait shots rather than action scenes, as this allows a better showcase of personality.  I couldn’t quite capture the same seething menace of one Christopher Lee here, but I’m still pretty happy with this.

Moria Orc Bust

Here’s my sketch for today. I went back to traditional pencil on this one because it wouldn’t be pencil flex without pencils right? I wanted to do a portrait this time since I haven’t done it yet.

The subject is  an orc from The Fellowship of the Ring, specifically, the ones from Moria. When I saw the film, I thought they were goblins since they were way smaller than most orcs. And they also looked different with their noses closer to their eyes than the other orcs. But I found them more expressive and interesting than the other orc races, that’s why I picked them as today’s subject.

And on another subject, John and Kat won’t be doing sketches today since they’ve been really busy with work. They can’t commit daily submissions this week but will make sure to do one at least every other day.

The Precious

Took me awhile to finish it but here it is.  I wanted to do a fully digital sketch this time and tried not to take too much time making it. But I did lol. The illustration was quick, what bothered me was the composition. I started in landscape orientation but it looked crappy. So I changed it and here’s what came out.

Orc Season

I didn’t have a lot of time to work on a sketch today because of my workload so this was all I could come up with. I always thought Gimli and Legolas were amusing when they were tallying who could kill the most orcs. So here’s a sort of “candid” shot of them. I wanted to do a quick doodle and take a break from the grungy stuff I’ve done lately.

To Rule Them All

Ahoy! I came up with this composition when I was thinking of ways to focus only on the ring, highlighting its importance. From a documentary I had once seen about Shakespearean performers, I had learned that when one is cast as a character of royalty, you don’t necessarily need to act like royalty. Instead, you let others around you treat you like royalty. I remembered that nugget when I was putting this piece together. As mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of Dave Johnson, but I also thought it’d be nice to incorporate some Mignola into this piece.  I also have my wife to thank for helping me straighten out some color choices.