As some of you might already know, velociraptors were not exactly as big as they were presented in the Jurassic Park series. Raptors are actually just about the size of a dog. The ones portrayed in the film were more or less modeled after deinonychus, which is a larger relative of  velociraptors. this was supposed to be just a rough sketch but I got drawn into it when I started doing the scales, heheh.



Posted this rough piece as a bookend to my contributions this week.  I got a little bored when I was thinking about a Rex-Triceratops face-off, so I decided I’d show one of them post-battle.  And here we have the Rex all mangled and torn up.  “You should see the other guy,” he says.  Yeah, I don’t think so.


I don’t know what I was aiming for when I started this sketch, but the end result somehow reminds me of some of the stop-motion dinosaurs from classics like King Kong and The Lost World with its upright posture. I had fun doing this sketch so I hope you guys like it. 😀


Oviraptor or Egg Thief was one of those dinos with the more specialized diet.  This meant it had some pretty unique features compared to others species, making him one of my favorites to draw.  Here’s one enjoying a fat snack.  Thought I’d play around with the colors on this one.  I like how it came out.


Miko here, and here’s my sketch for today. Wasn’t really thinking about anything in particular for today’s sketch because John, Kat and I was having too much fun on our very first paint chat/jam session heheh. But after the jam session was done, I kinda felt like I didn’t know what to do for today’s submission. Then I suddenly remembered some of Frazetta’s inks of Tarzan and John Carter,  so I just used that as inspiration and did this.


Aaaand, this is me running a little late to the party! John here, and this is my rendition of my favorite among the duck-bill dinosaurs.  Couldn’t think of anything profound, so I figure a sketch of her just traipsing through some shrubbery would be interesting.  Join us all this week for more of these paleo-sketches.


And Kat here… long time no post. Been very busy with work and currently homeless due to a flood that basically ruined everything save for our computers. lol We were smart enough to get those out first. As much as I love dinosaurs, not a huge fan of drawing reptiles in general. My other sketches for this theme will most likely be mammalian. Anyways, decided to go for a look I’ve been messing around with when I warm up my drawing hand in the morning.. kind of ugly-cute stuff.  So here’s an ugly cute T-Rex. lol