Miko here with Ankylo from Dinosaucers. I got a bit tangled with a commission and some T-shirt designs and its been a few days since my last post but I was finally able to do a sketch. Done in SAI.




Do You Believe In Love?

Kat here. I decided to go with Macross/Robotech for this one. Hikaru and Misa/Rick and Lisa when they were stranded on the ruined Earth. Not quite the usual Saturday morning cartoon but this was a big part of my childhood. I considered incorporating Minmay but I really couldn’t stand her then and still can’t now. lol

Power Extreme


Miko here, and here’s Cheetara.  Been busy with some requests I needed to finish so I wasn’t able to post more sketches here. Not sure yet if the gang decides to extend the 80’s Saturday toons to another week but be sure to stay tuned and find out. 😀 Done in SAI.



Kat here. My favorite of the Mystery Machine crew. I wanted to sort of show what she’d be doing at home or away from the van. I figured she’d be a computer nerd of some sort and just likes to keep files on various cases and such. Probably an MMORPG player too. lol

Man VS Lion

FIGHT! Anyways, I gotta take a break, this headache is killing me.