Kat here. I wanted to play around with colors for this one since Poison Ivy in monochrome is kind of pointless. lol Loose lines in Sai and random squiggles, splatters and colors in Photoshop.



Kate and Renee

Kat here. I did a simple one this time of Kate Kane (Batwoman) and Renee Montoya (Question). If you read the comics, you’ll know why they’re in the same shot. lol I wanted to try going back to widescreen grungy and very silhouette-like compos for this theme since it fits well with the Noir-like feel of Gotham.

Do You Believe In Love?

Kat here. I decided to go with Macross/Robotech for this one. Hikaru and Misa/Rick and Lisa when they were stranded on the ruined Earth. Not quite the usual Saturday morning cartoon but this was a big part of my childhood. I considered incorporating Minmay but I really couldn’t stand her then and still can’t now. lol


Kat here. My favorite of the Mystery Machine crew. I wanted to sort of show what she’d be doing at home or away from the van. I figured she’d be a computer nerd of some sort and just likes to keep files on various cases and such. Probably an MMORPG player too. lol

Femme Fatale

Kat here.  I went with a big old head shot this time of everyone’s favorite GI Joe Villain, Baroness. When everyone wanted to be Barbie and Polly Pocket, I wanted to be Baroness… and the Alien Queen lol. I missed doing wide angle shots and I was able to experiment a bit with this one as well with the lighting and sharpness.

Kimber and Stormer

Kat here. Decided to go on the girl-route for this theme since the boys will handle the awesome action figure franchise stuff. Here’s Kimber and Stormer from Jem and the Holograms. I tried to do Jem fanart that didn’t scream glitter. I planned for this to be semi-monochromatic but Jem + monochrome = not Jem. Messing around with the textures was fun. Keytarists and keyboardists unite!

Floating Lights

I had to do this scene for my last entry in our Disney theme. I had initially planned for this to be in monochrome but it just didn’t work so I added a couple rough overlays and stuff  to bring out the look I wanted to go for. I had a lot of fun working on it.:)