Welcome to Arkham!


Black and white, red and green.


Two Face


Hai, Clayface here! Miko just did a sketch of me and I would like to share it with you guys. Add me up on Facebook and get your face nom’d. 😀



Kat here. I wanted to play around with colors for this one since Poison Ivy in monochrome is kind of pointless. lol Loose lines in Sai and random squiggles, splatters and colors in Photoshop.


Kate and Renee

Kat here. I did a simple one this time of Kate Kane (Batwoman) and Renee Montoya (Question). If you read the comics, you’ll know why they’re in the same shot. lol I wanted to try going back to widescreen grungy and very silhouette-like compos for this theme since it fits well with the Noir-like feel of Gotham.

Mr. Cobblepot

Harro, Miko here with my first post for this week’s awesome theme. I wanted to draw Batman as my first flex for this week when we decided on the theme a week ago, but it seemed a bit too early for a dark knight pice and I might think of something epic for him later on.  So here’s Penguin for ya’ll. Hope you guys dig it. Done in SAI.