Anyone Else?

Miko here with my last entry of the week. This is a quick one I was able to squeeze in between some work I’ve been doing the past 2 days. I wanted to do a traditional look this time around for a gritty effect. I’ve always liked Sagat, he’s kinda cool yet very imposing. To me he comes off as a bit of an anti-hero rather than an antagonist. Completely done in SAI, I wanted to put defeated opponents lying on the ground but it woulda taken more time and there are still some stuff I need to get done, heheh. I just wanted to post something up to end the week before we start the next theme which will be very interesting.


Tiffany Lords

Hey there, Miko here. And for today, here’s Tiffany Lords from Rival Schools. Was kind of an off day today as it was kind of hard to start with any sketch the whole afternoon. It was only after dinner that the juices decided they want themselves some booty action. I wanted to try a different composition today, one that didn’t need to show everything but enough to show who it was. Kind of an action poster or something. Anyways, this took me about an hour at most, did it mostly in SAI and some tweaking in PS. Hope you guys layk eet.


Went with a watercolor on Chinese paper effect for this piece.  Short and fun.  Like an oriental concubine.  I don’t know.

Samanosuke Akechi

Hallo! Here’s today’s flex, Samanosuke from CAPCOM’s Onimusha series. Always been a big fan of the Onimusha series and of its characters. Especially of the 2nd Onimusha, even though Samanosuke wasn’t in it. I wanted to try a marker look for this sketch, with lighter shades and not go too much into details like I always do. I chose his Onimusha 3 armor and look because it looks way cooler than the one he wore in the first game. Hope you guys like it.



Rough sketch of Akira Kazama from Rival Schools. Really tried to go anime in the style for this one. I kind of want to get to a place where I can draw in several different styles and most people wouldn’t guess it was me. lol

I wanted to draw her just sort of taking a break after a fight/fixing the motorcycle. I love the character designs in Rival Schools but she’s my favorite because she was parading around as a dude in an all boys school in the first game and her gender is never revealed until the end… and she’s kind of cute under all the leather and spikes. This sketch is based on her design in the sequel Rival School Project Justice.


Aloha! I live!  Between work and a podcast, it got a little tough to bang out new sketches, but I was able to sneak this puppy in.  I really dig simple compositions that make use of the graphical qualities of colors.  For Morrigan, I thought it’d be nice to just play with the stark contrast between deep shades of red and her deathly pale flesh.  Hope you guys dig it!


Sup guys, Miko here. I did a really quick one for today. Zangief is probably one of the most interesting characters to play in the SF games. You could say, he’s like King from TEKKEN in a way. The reason I chose him for today is because I really loved him in the SF Alpha Anime. Even though he only appeared for a few moments.