I loved the Tarzan movie.  But I sincerely thought it could use a little bit of this.

Traditional pencils with Paint Tool Sai renders; Google Plus hangout with the Pencil Flex assholes.



Haven’t been able to post much for this theme, with work being what it is.  Able to breathe a bit now, so this is one big exhalation.  This is me not being able to do a Harrison Ford caricature but just whittling the character down to his essence – everyone’s favorite space scoundrel.

Darth Tyrannus

Tusken Raider

One of the earliest memories I have of the original trilogy was that the Sand People scared the crap out of me, so this is how I’m kicking off the week.  Now to head to the Toschi station to get some power converters…


Posted this rough piece as a bookend to my contributions this week.  I got a little bored when I was thinking about a Rex-Triceratops face-off, so I decided I’d show one of them post-battle.  And here we have the Rex all mangled and torn up.  “You should see the other guy,” he says.  Yeah, I don’t think so.


Oviraptor or Egg Thief was one of those dinos with the more specialized diet.  This meant it had some pretty unique features compared to others species, making him one of my favorites to draw.  Here’s one enjoying a fat snack.  Thought I’d play around with the colors on this one.  I like how it came out.


Aaaand, this is me running a little late to the party! John here, and this is my rendition of my favorite among the duck-bill dinosaurs.  Couldn’t think of anything profound, so I figure a sketch of her just traipsing through some shrubbery would be interesting.  Join us all this week for more of these paleo-sketches.