Hi folks! John here.  I didn’t get to participate in this week’s SE7EN theme due to some impending work deadlines, but I really wanted to squeeze one little ditty in before we kicked off the new week’s theme, so here we go.  I was really inspired by Miko’s digital Lust piece, and the painterly-ness of Kat’s submissions, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I wanted to showcase the Plastic Surgery Guide Grid and somehow convey the concept of sin, hence the superimposed skull.  I made the character look at something offscreen to denote a subtle sense of coveting.



Less is more! Sometimes, good fabric placement is better than just showing everything. And good lighting can do that as well. Using shadows to cover portions of the sweet spots emphasizes the contours of the body, and leaves more room  for your imagination to run silly. Well at least that’s what I was thinking when I made this, lol. Female figure painted in SAI, textures and filters in PS.


Kat here… more glowy stuff and lighting/fire fun. I was planning on going with the German Nazis for this piece but the KKK make for a much more dramatic composition with the white robes and burning crosses.  First of 2 sketches I will do today since I skipped yesterday due to work.


Howdy! As promised, here’s the second one for today. Ok, this is something I hope some of you guys are familiar with. Not too long ago, I was introduced to one of the best shows I’ve seen on TV, and I just had to make a tribute piece to it. What better outlet to showcase that than here at Pencilflex. It took some thinking but I think I got most of what I wanted right. I really enjoyed making this, ignoring the fact that my eyelids were not in their best mood… oh well. Here ya go, and to bed I go.


Glad I was able to squeeze this in today. Not quite the layout or execution I was hoping for but at least I got to play around with glows and such. Always fun. I picked Joan of Arc this time… since most people probably wouldn’t get Marie Curie (plus this was more fun to do at the time). lol


Hi there, Miko here. I’m late for posting this so I’ll be making 2 sketches today to compensate, heheh. This wasn’t my first idea for pride, but I think it works better than my first one. Just a quick sketch, all done in SAI and spatter brush from PS.


And my sketch for today. I’ll try to submit my sketches every morning… my mind seems to work better as soon as I wake up. I tried not to use too much spatter brush on this one. I really wanted the child’s face to be somewhat clearly rendered.  Drawn while listening to NIN’s “Closer.”

“You get me closer to God
You can have my isolation, you can have the hate that it brings
You can have my absence of faith, you can have my everything”