I decided to go with Cade Skywalker for this sketch… I tried to work on a female character but I just wasn’t feeling it today. It had also been a while since I’ve drawn a male character so this was kind of fun.





So the gang got together for a Skype conference call and had some laughs. We also talked about what to draw today for Pencil Flex. For some reason I couldn’t keep myself together to draw something serious and I started doodling cartoony caricatures of characters starting with Queen Amidala. Then I started drawing Windu and John said I should post it and so I shall :D. What started out as a joke ended up as my piece for today. Done in SAI with the blessings of Kat and John, hehehe.


Haven’t been able to post much for this theme, with work being what it is.  Able to breathe a bit now, so this is one big exhalation.  This is me not being able to do a Harrison Ford caricature but just whittling the character down to his essence – everyone’s favorite space scoundrel.

Old Ben

A quick one of Old Ben Kenobi done in SAI. 😀

Come At Me Bro

My hero :D. Too bad he died, wish he had more screen time. IMO, Maul was the most awesome part of Episode I. Doing a sketch of him today made me wanna watch the movie again. Done in SAI, hope you guys like it.


The part where Luke was able to squeeze in between the rocks while the rancor was reaching for him was intense for a young lad like me back then. But that wasn’t the best part, it was when the rancor ate that pig dude. That was funny :D. Had to do this one as fast as I could so I’d be able to post tonight. This is the most layered sketch I’ve done yet, just cause I wanted to try out something different with the colors. Done in SAI.

Darth Tyrannus