I loved the Tarzan movie.  But I sincerely thought it could use a little bit of this.

Traditional pencils with Paint Tool Sai renders; Google Plus hangout with the Pencil Flex assholes.



Oviraptor or Egg Thief was one of those dinos with the more specialized diet.  This meant it had some pretty unique features compared to others species, making him one of my favorites to draw.  Here’s one enjoying a fat snack.  Thought I’d play around with the colors on this one.  I like how it came out.

Kitty Pryde

I think we all fell in love with Kitty in Whedon’s Astonishing run, what with her being an adorable but heroic goofball.  Here’s a sketch I had a lot of fun with.


Went with a watercolor on Chinese paper effect for this piece.  Short and fun.  Like an oriental concubine.  I don’t know.

The White Hand

I find that characters like wizards and clerics really lend themselves better to portrait shots rather than action scenes, as this allows a better showcase of personality.  I couldn’t quite capture the same seething menace of one Christopher Lee here, but I’m still pretty happy with this.