Cap vs Crossbones




Having A Drink

Hulk with a little bit of weight in the mid section… drinking chocolate milk -__-  … done in SAI.


Hello everyone! Its bee a while since we’ve updated the blog. And we’re sorry for that. People have been busy lately hence the “hiatus”. But here we are again! And to help start it off, here’s Pietro Lehnsherr. I wanted to do Leinil Yu style  for this since John was doing a Chris Samnee style entry.  I’ve been a big Leinil fan and hope I did him justice with this piece :D. Hope you guys dig it too. Done in Paint Tool SAI.

Daken and Laura

Finally got the time to make a quick sketch. Here’s Daken and Laura. Quickly done in SAI and Photoshop for filter effects.


We at Pencilflex do apologize for the lack of TnA lately. So here’s my humble contribution, my all time favorite, pants-tightening X-Men, Psylocke. A quick sketch done in SAI


Howdy,  Miko here. And this is my submission to end the week, but don’t worry we still have a week to go for the X-Men theme. I know we haven’t been posting as much as we used/want to, but some of us have been preoccupied lately. I did a sketch this morning of something completely unrelated to X-Men as a template on how I’d want to go with today’s sketch. The exercise went well and quick, this however took longer than I’d hope heheh. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. Anyways, here’s Nightcrawler, all done in Paint Tool SAI. And I’m off to dreamland.


Hallo! Its me again and here’s my submission for today! Basically, I had the whole afternoon to do this, and since I was feeling the juices today, why not go all out? Right? Well, kind of all out. I read the first volume of  The Ultimates earlier and was so pumped by the artwork. It was so awesome that I just had to try out comic style pencils. And here’s what I came up with. I’ve always preferred Logan’s brown and tan costume than the classic yellow and blue, so I chose it for this piece. All done in Paint Tool SAI. CHEERS!