Cebu Comic Con 2011 Sketch Giveaway

UPDATE: Comments Closed as of August 27, 2011

Hey it’s that time of year again when all the nerds gear up and get ready to assemble in a blaze of geeky glory.  Cebu Comic Con 2011 is upon us, and we can’t wait to do our part to make it a fun event all around.

As part of the 2nd Cebu Comic Convention, Pencil Flex will be giving you guys a chance to bring home some original artwork by John Amor, Kathryn Layno, and Miko Punsalan.  Simply post a comment below; include the name of one character you want illustrated, and your name.

Each of the Pencil Flex artists will randomly choose three characters from the comments section, and the lucky people who posted those comments get to take the sketch home.  That’s nine people, for those of you keeping count.

You’ll be able to receive your artwork at the 2nd Cebu Comics Convention this coming October 1st, at the UP Cebu Campus.

UPDATE: Comments Closed as of August 27, 2011


18 Comments on “Cebu Comic Con 2011 Sketch Giveaway”

  1. Dustin says:

    Awesome! Me wantz a BlackBolt! ^_^ See yah at ComiCon guys. :))

  2. Adrian M. says:

    mystique \m/

  3. Joebert Jude Cimafranca says:

    (Female, mage) Hawke of Dragon Age 2

    -Joebert Jude Cimafranca

  4. I do want a Female hawke(mage) as well from dragon age 2 but a chandra nalaar would be nice (from magic the Gathering)

  5. Paolo Marco says:

    Awesome Guys ^^

    The Alien Queen

    – Paolo Manalac

  6. Ruby Redulla says:

    Grifter-Zealot from Wildcats. 🙂

  7. I want a Dardevil/Batman/Hellboy mashup!

  8. I want Druuna and Lobo get together (If possible) Thanks!

  9. Jovir says:

    How bout a mash up of dark heroes- Spawn, Ghost Rider and Hellboy. This pack sure sparks the interest… Cheers always 😉

  10. Lacey MacFarlane says:

    Marvels Domino!

  11. all i ever wanted was a Spongebob interpretation from u guys hehehehe :p (d ba john?!)

  12. Danry Ocampo says:

    Deathstroke from John Amor! Just wishful thinking!

  13. Miguel Santos says:

    I have a list of sketches I’d like to see from you guys. Any of these would make me a very happy panda.

    Asgardian Wonder Woman
    Dra. Doom (Lady Doom)
    Baby Juggernaut or Red Lantern Juggernaut
    Death from the Sandman Series as The Black Swan
    Flapjack vs Spongebob
    Psylocke/Chun-Li Mashup
    Jonah Hex/Punisher Mashup
    Sexy Party Time Stewie

    Thank you in advance! 😀

  14. Sian says:

    One of my favorite couple’s: Green Arrow and Black Canary!:D Gangster-style


  15. Karen says:

    Sweet! Gary Oldman style Dracula by John!

    – Karen Uy

  16. I’ve got this character in my head and I’ve been wanting to see her get illustrated, she’s like a mix of Tank Girl and Trinity (from The Matrix).

    But what I really want to see is Doctor Who (Matt Smith) and Agent J (Will Smith) on a cowboy/western standoff, complete with Sonic Screwdriver and Big-ass-alien gun…

    If not, a simple Batman sketch would do. Beggars can’t be choosers. 😀

  17. Vernon Bongo says:

    hi! i’d like to go oldschool on you guys and ask for a Kenshin Himura (battousai version) if possible because he’s just the most awesomest character eva! ^_^

  18. Roger Siasar says:

    maayong hapon!! ganahan unta ko ug deadpool kanang ga barog lang ug ka tuk-ong…ako di si roger siasar…salamat kaayo…

    unsa.on nako pag ka hibaw kung na akung gi request??tagsa ra o mag net gud…salamat daan..

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