Kat here. Kicking off the Disney theme with something my husband requested. I remember when I first saw Aladdin in theater back when I was a kid and I was in love with Jasmine… not Aladdin. lol So here she is with some random transparent ish shawl. I really wanted to go with something less “sketchy” this time. Took a lot longer than usual but I’m pretty happy with the outcome. πŸ™‚


3 Comments on “Jasmine”

  1. MiKO says:

    I can see you are enjoying this theme too much… TIME TO CHANGE THE THEME JOHN lol πŸ˜› owsum and yummeh

  2. Jeff says:

    I did request a special Theme… Tekken 6, since you guys did Street Fighter IV, I cant allow the competition to get all of the spotlight XD.. I wonder if Yani thought about it XD

    • Katsh says:

      Well it wasn’t specifically just Street Fighter, it was Capcom in general. lol Sadly, I had to be a chick and go for Disney this turn to balance the testosterone.

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