I gotta be honest.  I’m not the biggest Deadpool fan.  But the way Rick Remender writes him on Uncanny X-Force is just brilliant.  He’s literally like an altruistic Joker… with swords.

I was figuring out ways to display the character’s stealthiness without having to spend too much time on the backgrounds (it is a sketch exercise after all), so I figured I’d use his costume’s dominant color as the same spot color on the wall behind him.  Using the blood splatters as a rudimentary means to outline him was an afterthought.  I’m pretty happy with how this turned out.  I’ll revisit this trick someday.


3 Comments on “Deadpool”

  1. MiKO says:

    beri nays, I luff eet

  2. Miguel Santos says:

    This is clever. Good job.

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