Welcome to this week’s Pencilflex. And to start off for this week’s theme, here’s Wrath. The initial inspiration for this piece is Adam Hughes’ cover for Wonder Woman #157. I loved the concept of an image imprinted on the shaded area of the main subject. But my version would have splatters in it instead.

I started with a pencil tool I managed to create in Paint Tool SAI. I sketched the overall pose and blocked the parts that needed to be shaded. I chose this pose because its imposing and it has a solid silhouette. Initially, the  splatters were to be only within the shades, illustrating the rage from inside. But then I realized that the image look more  dynamic when I started putting splatters outside, emanating from his skin.

I’m not sure if I fully captured the image I had in mind but I think it turned out ok.  Hope you guys like it.


3 Comments on “Wrath”

  1. Katsh says:

    very nice use of the brushes. 🙂

  2. Miguel Santos says:

    Awesome sauce! I want this on a shirt or poster.

  3. MiKO says:

    Thanks! 😀 shirt print is an awesome idea

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