I remember watching The Two Towers in the theater  a while back. As soon as Haldir and his elf archers came into the picture to lend aid to Rohan, I swear almost all the women in the room were screaming something more or less in the lines of; “OMG, more man meat!. I was like LULZ. What the hell? Wait, that wasn’t even in the book!

Humor aside, Haldir’s death in the film kind of annoyed me. I thought it was lame. In the book he was only mentioned when the fellowship was in Lothlorien forest. Maybe giving him a much bigger role in the film was a bad idea. But that’s just me.

I chose him as today’s subject because I thought he was a cool character. He was a warden of sorts in the forests of Galadriel’s domain.


3 Comments on “Haldir”

  1. John Amor says:

    You did a fine job of not making him look snooty, good sir. That was something that I found kind of annoying in the film portrayal.

  2. alex says:

    self portrait?

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