Moria Orc Bust

Here’s my sketch for today. I went back to traditional pencil on this one because it wouldn’t be pencil flex without pencils right? I wanted to do a portrait this time since I haven’t done it yet.

The subject is  an orc from The Fellowship of the Ring, specifically, the ones from Moria. When I saw the film, I thought they were goblins since they were way smaller than most orcs. And they also looked different with their noses closer to their eyes than the other orcs. But I found them more expressive and interesting than the other orc races, that’s why I picked them as today’s subject.

And on another subject, John and Kat won’t be doing sketches today since they’ve been really busy with work. They can’t commit daily submissions this week but will make sure to do one at least every other day.


One Comment on “Moria Orc Bust”

  1. Katsh says:

    Old school Miko but still badass. 🙂

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