To Rule Them All

Ahoy! I came up with this composition when I was thinking of ways to focus only on the ring, highlighting its importance. From a documentary I had once seen about Shakespearean performers, I had learned that when one is cast as a character of royalty, you don’t necessarily need to act like royalty. Instead, you let others around you treat you like royalty. I remembered that nugget when I was putting this piece together. As mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of Dave Johnson, but I also thought it’d be nice to incorporate some Mignola into this piece.  I also have my wife to thank for helping me straighten out some color choices.


10 Comments on “To Rule Them All”

  1. Katsh says:

    Nice layout and concept.:)

  2. John Amor says:

    ahthankyew. puns wsa making me laugh over skype while i started this, so im glad he didn’t fuck it up for me. lol.

    “Sauron Cuneta”

  3. Jeff says:

    not your usual artwork… something new to my eyes…
    black hand/arm… hmm… something doesn’t feel right… cant put my finger on it.

  4. Lloyd says:

    KULBA!!! pildi si Dave Johnson!!! wait..kinsa gani to na sya?

  5. Lloyd says:

    SEEEE!!!! i told ya! it’d do you wonders..even people are starting to notice..

    “..not your usual artwork..something new to my eyes..”

    see! cge na..pamangka dihag burger!,,hehe!

  6. John Amor says:

    Dave Johnson gud! Artist sa 100 Bullets covers!

    Let’s make our own bisaya version!

    Dave Diyosnon!

  7. Alex Cipriano says:

    Dave Johnson bah! Manghod ni Magic Johnson!

  8. SUEDE says:

    really really nice artwork bai! i like the big red arms! pyter!

  9. Miguel Santos says:

    Wait…. I don’t remember seeing a black person in LOTR… Let alone two… Because if there was… He’d be good in a “jump ball” situation…

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