No Man

Another wide angle shot. This moment was a lot better in my head when I read the book than what I saw in the movie… but I still love it.  Eowyn was one of those characters I just couldn’t hate and this moment is forever etched in my “bad-ass women” moments… wish the movie did a better job on it but it’s better than nothing I suppose.


13 Comments on “No Man”

  1. John Amor says:

    Nice job, but I half wish you did Eowyn pantsless… FRAZETTA STYLE!!!


  2. SUEDE says:

    thats what i call ‘wallpaper material’

  3. MiKO says:

    not enough ass!!! but awesome nonetheless

  4. John Amor says:

    kini kini… paint the next scene, where Eowyn killed na the Witch King.

    And then call it… Yeah Man!

  5. Jad says:

    This is probably my favorite of all the submissions so far. Beautiful tone and texture. Leave it to Kat to make even a dragon pretty lol. And that’s a compliment.

  6. Jayson says:

    Nindot kaayo. Now I found one of my fav artist. ^_^

  7. ej afzelius says:

    this is the most epic thing you’ve drawn. fantastic. no ass and tits please, will distract from the epicness of it all.

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