Wall of Water

Didn’t get to go into detail in this as much as I wanted to but this is another one of my favorite scenes in the movie… exaggerated the size of the river and the water spell and shrank the Nazgul a but a bit because I love wide angle shots. They look a lot more epic when things in the foreground are tiny. ย And back to work.


6 Comments on “Wall of Water”

  1. John Amor says:

    I’m digging the wide angle on this piece. You should do it more often.

    Nazgul: heeeelp meeeeee…

  2. MiKO says:

    very nice indeed

  3. Nazgul: “Oh crap, Moses is back from his vacation.”

  4. Miguel Santos says:

    Horseyyyy ๐Ÿ˜€

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