Three Hobbits

This came out a little less gritty than I wanted, but tweaking it would have defeated the purpose of the sketch exercise.  Haha, I also realize Gollum never really resorted to this degree of violence, but it just feels right to me.

More than anything, I paid special attention to the composition and mood of this piece, and I’m really happy with how that came together.  Perhaps someday I’ll redo this but with the exact same shot arrangment.


10 Comments on “Three Hobbits”

  1. Lloyd says:

    In my opinion i think it’s high time to depart from your usual style. I’m not an expert in your art but i can recognize a john amor drawing when i see one. Kat’s Balrog caught me by surprise though i haven’t been really exposed to kat’s art style but i think i have a decent grasp of kat’s usual work..but i think the Balrog was a total departure from her usual’s kinda refreshing..and i guess it’d be awesome to see you do something similar.

  2. John Amor says:

    Haha, I take that as a compliment! About my style being recognizable, I mean. But I do see what you are trying to say about new approaches to my art, and I might just surprise you guys this week.

  3. Miguel Santos says:

    Might I suggest the portrait of a troop of Dwarven axemen battling a giant troll in drag that uses its massive phallice, protruding from under its sequined loincloth, as a club of sorts (a.k.a. The Disco Stick)? I believe this would be enough of a departure from Mr. Amor typical stylings.

    Also, @jpalmiotti tweeted this link while I wrote this comment. How serendipitous!

  4. Jad says:

    I love that sky. The color is close to daytime blue, but you still get the feeling of night time. Composition and mood is great.

  5. Miguel Santos says:

    Mordor does have such lovely summers…

  6. John Amor says:

    This happened near Sauron’s summer chalet, mind you.

  7. Katsh says:

    I like the muted colors and the body language of Gollum. 🙂

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