The Balrog

Hey there. Today I did a digital sketch of the scene when Gandalf and the Balrog meet at the bridge. I remember seeing this in the old animated film… then seeing it in Peter Jackson’s film. Yeah… big difference. I wanted to maintain the somewhat “silhouette” feel to my sketches for this week’s theme. Also wanted to make it a bit more simple with block shapes and letting the brush textures bring everything else. Probably my favorite scene in the whole trilogy.


15 Comments on “The Balrog”

  1. JP Vicedo says:

    Funny. I thought it was Merry and Pippin smoking pot. Sick art though 🙂

  2. SUEDE says:

    wicked! wicked! just wicked!

  3. Jad says:

    Oh god this is so awesome.

  4. MiKO says:

    she overdid it! it’s too awesome

  5. Jammix says:

    I’m really digging this grunge and silhouette look you have going on here. Its a gorgeous rendition of the Balrog if you ask me 😀

  6. Jeff says:

    Wow…. just wow…..

  7. Jayson says:

    One of the favorite scene. And u did pull it off way better. ^_^

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