The Rider

Hellew. Kat here. I’ve known John for over a decade and Miko for almost a decade. They are like brothers to me and have a bromance going with my husband as well.  I’m a freelance artist, frustrated musician and full-time wife. Most of the drawing I do is for work so this is a nice place to stretch and just have fun.

This is a digital sketch. I’ve always liked silhouette sketches and lots of texture so that’s what I tried to go for here. The light streaks were an afterthought. The first time I saw the Black Riders in LOTR I got chills… so I decided to go with that in mind. I have a habit of drawing things that are pretty and attractive so I will try to draw things that are less on the beauty pageant side.

Again, check us out daily. 🙂 Hopefully, our procrastinating spirits will not kick in.


3 Comments on “The Rider”

  1. zelusfin says:

    if that’s not pretty and attractive….

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