The Mouth of Sauron

He may have only appeared for two minutes in the films (and not even the theatre cut!), but he made such an impression.  Easily one of my favorite designs of the trilogy, the Mouth of Sauron was said to have been a corrupt diplomat who had fallen under the Dark Lord’s influence.

Bruce Spence was barely recognizable under that creepy headpiece.

I’m planning to do more narrative pieces this week, but I couldn’t resist a portrait of this guy to kick things off.



4 Comments on “The Mouth of Sauron”

  1. JP Vicedo says:

    Nice art dood! 😀

  2. Jammix says:

    Woot, looking really good there John!

  3. John Amor says:

    Thanks! I flossed!

  4. Jayson says:

    Helicopter man in MAD MAX. ^_^ It’s a great addition to the extended cut. Great piece john.

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