The Torch Bearer

Hi guys, my name is Michael John Punsalan, Miko for short.  I don’t think any of you guys have ever heard of me, but I’ve been fortunate enough to have met John thru a good friend of mine, Kathryn Layno.  Kat and I have been friends since college and meeting John just added more awesome into my social life.

I started drawing very young, starting with sketches and doodles of  the Ninja Turtles and the Ghost Busters on my notebooks and any kind of paper I could find.  And since then, I never stopped.

Last weekend John, Kat and moi, with other fellow  artists had a get together to talk about some of the stuff people were planning for upcoming events.  One of them was this thing here.  And to start things off, I decided to do a sketch of the torch bearer from Peter Jackson’s The Two Towers.  I really love the design of the helmets that were used by the uruk hais. And I really loved that scene where the bearer gets shot with arrows but continues to charge in.

Please drop by to check us out daily.

If you’d like to check out some of my work, my deviant art is



4 Comments on “The Torch Bearer”

  1. zelusfin says:

    now all we need is the olympic theme song in the background. sweet sketch. more!! somebody should do the hobbit in honor of the upcoming films.

  2. Jad says:

    Awesome piece to kick off the site. Keep em comin, I for one am gonna check it every day! 🙂

  3. Mikmik says:

    great work punz. im very happy you guys decided to do this blog! i’ll be checking often.

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